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An agronomic application that corrects NDVI imagery and produces customized, profitable fertility recommendations

Get Started Quickly

Our system is easy-to-use, and can be easily incorporated into your operations.

Add Value to Imagery

Use imagery that’s the same across time and space. Our process calibrates imagery and makes data more reliable.

Increase Fertilizer Efficiency and Profitability

Make decisions based soil nutrient supply, plant demand and spatial variability to meet site-specific needs and limit field losses.

Customize Fertility Models

Use peer reviewed algorithms. Build an algorithm specific to your climate and soils, and modify algorithms overtime.

Increase ROI

Get deeper insights on yield potential and ROI so you can make profitable decisions and monitor application performance.

Improve Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Document and record best management practices, and participate in carbon credit and USDA/NRCS sustainability programs.


In-season fertility management just got more precise. With Ninja Ag, you get calibrated imagery and customizable fertility algorithms that are scalable across different crops and environments.

We believe in delivering reliable data and transparent fertility management solutions backed by peer-reviewed research to optimize inputs and maximize yields. Our solution supplies you with valuable yield potential and return on investment insights to improve grower economic and environmental sustainability.

We believe each field is unique and fertilizer timing and placement are important to optimize ROI. With Ninja Ag, you get a practical, scalable and economical solution that challenges the status quo and hones in on precision. That’s why we let the field do the talking.

Imagery Redefined

Ground-truth Imagery

Easily correct any imagery provider’s NDVI values to get reliable, measurable data.

Use Your Imagery

Use any imagery provider to create recommendations, yield and ROI information.

Use Your Brand

Create value-added reports that has your company’s logo and contact information.


Nitrogen applications are an emotional decision because there are few things that can be controlled, but nitrogen is one thing that can be controlled. We remove the concern of spending too much money and not applying enough nitrogen pain points. No need to worry about the weather and nitrogen loss.

Our agronomic methodologies and algorithm data sets are based on sound, peer-reviewed scientific research and are scalable across various crops and environments. Our site-specific, unique approach coupled with our corrected NDVI imagery puts you in control of your yield potential and gives you more precise data so that you can profit more dollars per acre.


Apply Reference Strip

Apply an N-Rich Strip or Zero Check reference strip – watch for it to appear

Collect Imagery

Once the strip shows. use your imagery provider to get an NDVI image of the field

Collect Site-Specific Data

Collect site-specific NDVI data points using a handheld sensor

Input Site-Specific Data

Upload and input site-specific data and choose appropriate algorithm

Run Recommendation

Get a recommendation, yield potential and ROI map, and applicator file within minutes

Edit Recommendation

If needed, edit recommendation and applicator shapefile

Start using Ninja Ag to maximize your yield and ROI
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