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An agronomic application that corrects NDVI imagery and produces profitable fertility recommendations

Get Started Quickly

Our system is easy-to-use, and our ninjas are available to help with questions.

Correct Imagery

Our process removes the impact of sun angle and dust.

Eliminate Guesswork

Use corrected imagery to run research-proven nitrogen recommendations.

Achieve Precision

Start using imagery for more than scouting. With our corrected imagery, you get accurate nitrogen recommendations.

Increase ROI

Get deeper insights on each field’s ROI so you can make profitable decisions that will benefit your growers.

Predict Yield

Use yield potential maps to make better nutrient management decisions and monitor your application’s performance.

Imagery Redefined

Each field is unique. There is no perfect NDVI. With Ninja Ag, you get the most out of your imagery and nitrogen applications.

We deliver nutrient management solutions, backed by land grant institution and industry research to increase field yield and decrease costs and inputs. We believe in supplying you with valuable return on investment insights through corrected NDVI imagery and profitable nitrogen recommendations. That’s why we let the field do the talking.

Add Value to Your Imagery

Ground-truth Imagery

Easily correct any NDVI data from any imagery provider to get precise values.

Use Your Imagery

Use any imagery provider to create recommendations and ROI information.

Use Your Brand

Create value-added reports that has your company’s logo and contact information.


Nitrogen applications are an emotional decision because there are few things that can be controlled, but nitrogen is one thing that can be controlled. We remove the concern of spending too much money and not applying enough nitrogen pain points. No need to worry about the weather and nitrogen loss.

Our agronomic methodologies and algorithm data sets are based on sound, peer-reviewed scientific research. Our site-specific, unique approach coupled with our corrected NDVI imagery puts you in control of your yield potential and gives you more precise data so that you can profit more dollars per acre. Let the field do the talking.


Fly Your Field

Use your imagery provider to collect NDVI imagery of your field

Get Site-Specific Data

Collect site-specific NDVI data points using a handheld sensor

Upload Your Imagery

Upload your pre-stitched, geo-referenced NDVI imagery with its field boundary

Input Site-Specific Data

Drop pins where site-specific data were collected and input information

Select N-Rich Strip

Use N-Rich Strip tool to draw area(s) where there is a nutrient-rich strip

Run Recommendation

Enter required information and get a corrected NDVI image and nitrogen recommendation

Start using Ninja Ag to increase your yield and ROI
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