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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take UAV, aerial or satellite imagery?

Yes! We take any and all pre-stitched NDVI imagery. However, if we don’t currently have your imagery provider in our pick list, we need additional information from you to get it added.

What crops do your recommendations work with?

Service providers worldwide can benefit from our nitrogen recommendations in wheat, canola, corn, sorghum and cotton systems.

How much does it cost to use your system?

Users are charged an annual subscription fee and a per acre fee for unlimited NDVI images of the same field.

Recommendations are a per acre fee. Fee includes unlimited:

  • Corrected NDVI images
  • Variable rate nitrogen recommendations
  • ROI maps
  • Yield prediction maps
  • White label reports to give to farmers

Call us at (833) 543-8889 for more details on pricing and to create your account!

Where do you currently offer services?

We currently offer services to service providers in the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Australia. If you’re interested in our services but do not reside in these areas, give us a call. We are looking into other markets and may be able to assist you.

Does the system require Trimble's handheld GreenSeeker?

Yes. Our system takes information collected with the GreenSeeker to give you more accurate data. If you don’t have one and want to start using our system, let your sales ninja know so we can talk with you about our package offer.

How can I get a Trimble GreenSeeker crop sensor?

You can purchase a GreenSeeker from us! Get yours by calling us at (833) 543-8889.

Can you take in as-applied data or shapefiles?

Yes! As-applied data and shapefiles can be uploaded into our system so you can identify a field boundary and/or N-Rich Strip.

Can you send a recommendation to the applicator?

Yes! Our system exports recommendations as a shapefile so you can save it to a USB drive for the applicator.

Do you provide a flat rate?

Yes! Our variable rate recommendation provides information that helps you determine what flat rate would be most beneficial for the field. Contact us at 833-543-8889 to see what this report looks like.

Are your services separate from the imagery provider?

Yes. Our products are an additional cost to what you’re paying for imagery.

What is the resolution of your images?

With the exception of the applicator shapefile, our exports are a one-to-one ratio of the original imagery source. Applicator files are smoothed to a 10 meter resolution to allow for a file size that is small enough to easily share, high enough to address spatial variability and still higher than the average applicator width.

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