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Unique Solutions for Your Business

Integrate our solutions to make your program more precise and your growers more profitable


Our system is easy to use and offers automation that allows you to get started quickly.


Branding matters. Use your company’s logo and contact information on grower reports.


Our system offers minimal duplication. Easily share and save files with other users and systems.

Trusted Support

You get quality, dependable support with us. Our ninjas are industry knowledgeable and value you.

Corrected NDVI Imagery

We remove the pain points and guesswork out of NDVI imagery. Environmental factors, time of day and varied near infrared (NIR) bans make fertility recommendations and verifiable data collection using NDVI imagery a battle. With Ninja Ag’s system, factors that impact imagery values become irrelevant – making data more precise and reliable.

  • Use imagery that’s the same across time and space
  • Eliminate calibration guesswork and data processing
  • Rely on absolute data versus altered data
  • Use standardized data instead of someone’s interpretation

Maps and Customizable Reports

Use your company's logo and contact information
SolutionsPageIcons_Nitrogen Rec
Nitrogen Recommendations

When you order a nitrogen recommendation, you also get corrected NDVI imagery and other value-added reports to help you make better nutrient management decisions.

SolutionsPageIcons_Yield Prediction Map
Yield Potential Map

Get yield data based on variable and flat rate applications; minimum, maximum and average bushels per acre stats; and information on your application’s performance.

SolutionsPageIcons_ROI Map Icon
Return on Investment Map

With your nitrogen recommendation, get site-specific return on investment information. View variable rate economic, environmental and yield ROI, as well as VRN performance.

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