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Dr. Brian Arnall is an Endowed Professor and Precision Nutrient Management Extension Specialist at Oklahoma State University (OSU). His extension, teaching and research efforts are focused on precision technologies and nutrient management in all of Oklahoma’s cropping systems with an emphasis in site-specific technologies.

He works closely with extension educators and industry personnel to improve nutrient management practices in Oklahoma and beyond that will lead to increased profitability of producers. Dr. Arnall has been involved in sensor based technologies, remote sensing and variable rate application for more than 20 years. He currently has several ongoing studies focused precision technologies including the development of methods to use sensor-based technologies in canola production and ground truthing the use of sensors and VRT technologies in wheat, corn and sorghum production.

Dr. Arnall teaches nutrient management, which produces the next generation of nitrogen ninjas. Students that can produce the entire nitrogen cycle on a blank sheet of paper without any errors receive this recognition. He also teaches a precision agriculture class that provides hands-on experience and prepares students with the knowledge and expertise needed to build a reliable decision support system with today’s technologies.

Dr. Arnall has a Bachelor of Science in agronomy from OSU; and a Master of Science and doctorate in soil science from OSU.

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